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Plage de la Peguiere: Beach by Boulouris

Best Beach: Saint-Raphael's Plage de la Pescade

French Riviera Best Beach near Saint-Raphael

The Western French Riviera offers many hidden sweet little beaches, in addition to famous ones such as Pampelonne beach behind Saint-Tropez or even La Nartelle by Sainte-Maxime or Saint-Raphael's Plage du Veillat.

You'll find many of them along the coastline between Saint-Raphael and Agay. 

One of my personal favorite is Plage de la Pescade. I'm not the only one to think so, so this isn't an entirely secret beach. 

French Riviera Best Beach near Saint-Raphael

Why is this an AzurAlive Best Beach?

First, it's environment is simply gorgeous. The rocky shores that surround this sandy beach are an auburn red color that comes to life and glow in the evening under the setting sun. The sea gently laps ahead, and purrs in the distance along the rocky sides of the beach.

It's relatively sheltered, depending on where the wind blows.

French Riviera Best Beach near Saint-Raphael, Plage de la Pescade

It's family-friendly and children often get to make friends with other beach explorers lucky enough to have found this place. You'll find all generations on this beach, from great-grand parents to the little ones.

Note the La Pescade is not overseen by lifeguards even during the summer months. If you are keen on the watchfull eyes of lifeguards, consider La Peguiere or the Veillat beach in Saint-Raphael. 

You'll find no snack bar or restaurant on the beach here, and no transat rental. This is the raw deal, the wildish beach, a non-commercial just the sea kind of a place. You will find a small "Spar Casino" grocery shop across the street towards Boulouris.

Water Shoes for the French Riviera

If you enjoy swimming out around the rocky side of the beach, I recommend you bring a pair of water shoes. These are essential for children who enjoy roaming around. They're very useful for adults too if are like me and enjoy exploring the areas such as La Pescade that are untamed and do include the region's pebbles and rocks and not just sand.

Water shoes are available at the Spar Casino close-by if you need them.

La Pescade does have one little fresh water shower so you can clean the sand off your toes before leaving. There's also a portable toilet (in a  Mediterranean light blue colour to blend with the elements).

AzurAlive: Plage de la Pescade

Where is the beach La Pescade?

You'll find it in Boulouris, just east of Saint-Raphael on the Western side of the French Riviera. 

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