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Non-Secluded Beaches on the French Riviera

French Riviera Beaches: Plage du Veillat, Saint-Raphael

Photo: Plage du Veillat, Saint-Raphael, French Riviera, France

I hesitate to place the Plage du Veillat beach on our list of Best Beaches for the French Riviera, as it is anything but secluded and I like more secluded beaches.

That's my bias, and you may not agree with me so...

Here's the scoop on the Plage du Veillat. It's sandy, fairly deep and long and smack in at the tip edge of Saint-Raphael's main high street. It is watched over by a number of lifeguards during the summer, and is large enough not to feel cramped and packed and horrible. It does get busy in the middle of summer, especially with families. Ice cream shops, restaurants, restrooms and showers are not too far away so all is convenient. There's even a swimming instructor by the beach corner - you can hire him to teach your budding swimmers that stylish front crawl motion.

What's not to like about it?

Well, if you enjoy a bit more space and if you don't necessarily want to hear about the lives of your beach-towel neighbors, you might walk on a bit further to our list of Best Beaches. 

French Riviera Beaches: Plage du Veillat Panoramic View, Saint-Raphael


See its location on the below Google Map:

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