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Barrios Sculptures Add Dimension to St Tropez Rafael Barrios in StTropez
On the French Riviera's St Tropez this summer, large scale sculptures by Venezuelan-American artist Rafael Barrios challenge the laws of physics and our sense of perception.

Standing three meters high in bright laquered blue in front of café Senequier, blocks of hand-shaped steel hang out in space. Captured on photo, the blue structure jumps out of the picture to grab you. Rafael Barrios in StTropez
At the Place de la Garonne, another grand sculpture by Rafael Barrios appears more discreet in pale grey, only to better strike from its unlikely posture. Rafael Barrios in StTropez
Walk by the port to St Tropez' Annonciade Museum and an assembly of pink elements climb toward the blue of the sky. Folks sit around it as if it had always been there, but beware. It may move.

All of Barrios' large structures will disappear from St Tropez on September 15, 2014, to be beamed elsewhere.

Saint-Tropez is such as multi-faceted place. It is not what it seems to be. The town made a perfect backdrop for Rafael Barrios' wonderful trickery for the senses.

Thanks to the Galerie des Lices and Bel Air Fine Art Gallery for their help bringing this artistic treat to town.


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