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Stand-Up Paddling on the French Riviera

AzurAlive: Stand up paddle

Stand up paddling may have originated in Hawaii where surfers longed to paddle further out to sea to catch the perfect wave, or possibly even earlier in Australia. One thing is for sure: over the last 3-4 years, it has taken off on the French Riviera. 

The idea is simple. Take a long, stable, buoyant surf board. Take a paddle with an adjustable length. Set the paddle length to just above your shoulder height. Tie the board safety loop to your ankle. Push the board off the sand into the sea. Hop on. Hang on. Hope the sea stays calm and the legs sturdy. Paddle. 

AzurAlive: Stand up paddle
Stand up surf was listed last year as the most popular outdoors activity among first-time participants. Why would it be so popular?

For one thing, it's relatively inexpensive. Here on the French Riviera, you can rent a paddle board for an hour from anywhere between 8 and 20 euros. Yes, there's a large variation according to where you are. In most resorts, count on about 15 euros per hour.

It's accessible to anyone who can stand up. And has a reasonable sense of balance. And can swim too, preferably.

It's fun! Go with friends and family across age groups. You get to see the beach and the surrounding areas from a whole new perspective out in the bay. 

Stand up paddle on the French Riviera
Where to stand up on the sea?

Most resorts all along the French Riviera, from Nice to Hyères, will rent paddle boards.


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