Public Transport: Les Bateaux de Saint-Raphael
Queen Victoria Visits the French Riviera

Cruising to Saint-Raphael


The Thomson Dream sneaked into the bay of Saint-Raphael early this morning, early enough to surprise most beach-goers as they spread their beach towels in front of the bay and the large cruise ship that sat in the middle.


By mid-morning, local sailing schools had little sails criss-crossing in front of the 243 metres giant as it rested in Saint-Raphael, after a night sail from Livorno, Italy.  


Some of the children on the windsurfers felt intimidated and dropped their sails as they approached the curious white ship with its 12 docks rising to the sky.


But the cruise ship is a friendly giant, and everyone around it soon became comfortable around it. By mid-afternoon, no one paid much attention to it anymore.

Soon, Thomson Dream will continue its journey onto Barcelona before heading back to Majorca where its journey began. Bon voyage!

Tomorrow, Queen Victoria will sail into Saint-Raphael. Stay posted for more on her visit.

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