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Cannes Glows in the Winter

AzurAlive: Cannes Glows this Winter

Cannes might be glamorous during the Film Festival, exciting under the summer sun, but on a sunny winter's day, it glows.

In this late December season, as soon as the sun rays shine, everyone strolls about the Croisette. Some simply sit on a blue chair and soak in the changing sea and sky until the sun sets. Others bring their children to the merry go rounds. Others make their way from one end of the Croisette to the other, then back. Cannes is relaxing. 

It's vacation time for many cannois, and a beautiful time to savor the sites under this special winter's light. 

AzurAlive: Cannes, France


St Tropez this Winter

AzurAlive: St Tropez at Christmas

For this Christmas season 2013, St Tropez is wearing a few strings of lights across it Place de l'Hôtel de Ville (picture above), white lights that run up the length of its platanus trees on Place des Lices and a colorful dash of blue, red, white that project onto the walls of the houses huddled around the port.

AzurAlive: StTropez at Christmas

The atmosphere is festive, but quietly so. This weekend (December 20 and 21, 2013) saw few people stroll around its dressed-up streets. All is peaceful in St Tropez this time of year. It's hard to imagine the frenzy of summer when you visit St Tropez during the winter.

Place des Lices remains vibrant on market mornings and the cafés and restaurants around the plaza continue to draw their share of visitors. My favorite lunch place? Le Sporting that sticks to quality dishes at reasonable prices and keeps attracting "les habituésé who live in the area.  

AzurAlive; StTropez In Winter

St Tropez - Salon du Chocolat


Enter the Jean Despas show room at the Place des Lice in St Tropez and a whiff of chocolate overtakes you.

You're at the annuall Salon du Chocolat which this year runs from December 20 to 22, 2013 from 10AM to 8PM in St Tropez on the French Riviera. 

Tasty little chocolate morsels surround you at the show, many of them made by artisans passionate about all forms of chocolate,  

The master piece has to be the massive all-chocolate replica of an airplane. It's 5m90 long, made entirely of chocolate (all 500 kg of it) and looks like a A330 Airbus. Its aromas of tangy chocolate make you want to snap off a wing for a nibble.

The plane was designed and created by Bruno Rouly, master chocolatier at the Délices d'un Gourmand shop in Charmes, Vosges, France. It has been on display earlier at the Paris chocolate show and then around France before its landing here in St Tropez.

AzurAlive_StTropez_SalonDuChocolat (2)

Quick Peek into St Raphael

Is there anything to see in Saint-Raphael on the French Riviera? The question pops up frequently. Here's a great little movie that shows the main attractions in St Raphael as well as Frejus.

It's brief and includes the bare essentials, but definitely worth a watch if you are planning a one-day stay here: