Cannes: Film Festival Fun
St Tropez Celebrates Lateen Sails

Weather Whine

French Riviera muddy trails in the Esterel Mountains

It isn't just Cannes and the film festival that's spiffed about the current French Riviera weather.

Being normally spoiled with fresh sunshine in May, we cannot believe the amount of water that's pouring down this week from our usually blue skies. 

Umbrellas are on sale again, and with a price-tag vengeance. Drivers snap and wail even more than usual. And my hiking boots are full of mud.  

So what's up, météo? Sun is promised for Tuesday and Wednesday this week, but it is then to go away for a few days. But sunshine is an inalienable right over here. It's in the Human Weather Rights Declaration; check it out in the fine-print below:  

Rights Of 1789

While our rights are being reviewed, here's where to obtain fairly good weather forecast for France: Meteo France.

Be aware that the French Riviera from Hyères to Menton varies greatly in topology and thus in weather. It may be pouring in Cannes but sunny in the hills of Fayence, or vice versa.

If it's any consolation, remember that "après la pluie, le beau temps..." 

Esterel Blooming

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