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Hiking the Esterel by AzurAlive
One of the most pleasant, breath-taking walks in the Estérel Mountains behind Agay and Saint-Raphaël on the French Riviera, is the hike around the Rastel d'Agay.
We often talk about the Estérel's Rastel d'Agay on AzurAlive.com, and for a good reason. From the top of the hills, the Meditérranean sea opens up below, glittering in the sun, with its jagged coastline like a lace along the shore. 
When visiting, keep in mind that trails in the Estérel Mountains are not well-marked, and they're not lit up. The Estérel Mountains are wild, which is what keeps them so attractive. So when eploring the Estérel Mountains:
  • Stay on the larger trails, if you're not familiar with the Estérel. 
  • Or go accompanied. The Tourism Offices offer some guided tours.
  • Arm yourself with a solid hiking guide and IGN map. 
  • Carry a mobile phone, but keep in mind some spots may not have network coverage.
  • Carry a flash light, extra layer of clothing and extra drinking water.
  • And the one that most visitors forget: Begin your hike early! The sun sets quickly when you're surrounded by mountains
Just a couple of days ago, a lone walker decided to admire the sunset from atop the Rastel d'Agay. It must have been gorgeous on this clear winter day. After the sun had set, however, things turned ugly. The hills turned pitch dark; all trails disappeared under the cover of darkness; and with the cliffs lurking close by, every step over the rocky grounds could lead to a serious fall. The hiker called for help. Eight firefighters and a helicopter rushed to the rescue and whisked the hiker to safety.
Thankfully, no one was harmed except possibly the hiker's pocketbook. That, the story does not say...
AzurAlive hiking above Agay, French Riviera
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