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Siberia on the Riviera

OK, the title exaggerates a bit. But it's -3°C tonight in the Var by the coast of Southern France, and that's c-o-l-d for us southerners. The Alpes-Maritimes next door have it a tad warmer at zero right now in Nice.

For tomorrow Sunday, snow might visit the Var again even at lower elevations. That was predicted for today, but the skies were clear despite the freezing wind so we escaped the snow.

Micro-climates easily throw off the weather forecasts here on the French Riviera. But this site remains a good short-term weather predictor for the region:

French Riviera Mimosa Festivals

Mimosa on the French Riviera

The winter suns are in full bloom across the French Riviera and in full celebration.

Beginning last weekend (Jan 28-29 2012), the Festival du Mimosa celebrations make their way eastward, beginning in Bormes-les-Mimosas and continuing along the Côte d'Azur coastline and then inland in the Tanneron hills to end in Grasse. Most of the fun takes place on weekends, although garden visits and hikes are also planned in Mandelieu, Saint-Raphael and Rayol (gardens) during the week. Festivities last until March.

Mimosa Festival Schedule for 2012:

Bormes-les-Mimosas:    January 28 and 29
Rayol/Canadel-sur-Mer: February 4 and 5
Sainte-Maxime:             February 4 (with Evening Parade) and 5th (with Corso Fleuri parade)
Saint-Raphael:               February 11th (with Evening Carnaval) and 12th (with Day Time Carnaval) and 15th (Kids Carnaval)
Mandelieu-la-Napoule:   February 18th (with Evening Parade) and 19th (with Corso Fleuri)
Tanneron:                       February 4th and 5th (with Corso Fleuri parade)
Pegomas:                       January 28th and 29th, with mimosa walks and exhibitions until March
Grasse:                           Grasse focuses more on the perfume industry

For more information and to make reservations for the guided visits and hikes, contact the Tourism Offices for the chosen town.

Click on this line for a PDF with Toursim Offices contact information and detailed Mimosa Festival programming (in English).

Right now, snow has fallen on the Var and in the Alpes-Maritimes. The Mimosas are yellow and white. With the sun out, the flakes will soon melt...

Mimosa under Snow on the French Riviera