What a difference a week makes!
St Tropez: La Voile Rouge

St Tropez Fife and Drums


St Tropez sits still in the late fall. The Place des Lices, filled to the brim during warm summer days, breathes peacefully with just a few boulistes and a few locals and passer-bys.

Noon on a late November Sunday, parking is a breeze at the Place des Lices. The only cafés still abuzz for lunch on the plaza are Le Clemenceau and Le Sporting (both very nice spots for lunch off season).

Then out of nowhere rise the whistle of fife and gentle rhythm of drum. It's the fife and drum corps happily singing along on its way from Place des Lices to the Citadel.


Along the way, a few of the musicians stop at the Clemenceau for a coffee before heading down again.

Yes, life in St Tropez takes on a whole different rhythm from its Summer buzz during the late Fall and Winter.


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