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Megalithic French Riviera


With the snazzy Cannes Film Festival currently thriving, it's hard to think of the French Riviera as old-fashioned. Yet if you venture out a bit inland, you'll find that's it's outright pre-historic.

Both the Alpes-Maritimes and the Var count a large number of menhirs, those large pre-historic stones plopped upright and sometimes carved with megalithic art forms.

If you've read our hiking guide to the western french riviera, you may have ventured around the Dolmen de Gaoutabry (hike #26 in the guidebook). That prehistoric burial site dates back some 4,500 years ago.

Closer to the resort town of Agay, not too far from the Cap Esterel vacation resort, you'll find the Ferrieres Menhir. You won't find much of a hoopla around it, not even a sign.

Yet the surrounding footpaths are wonderful, especially in the Spring when flowers are in bloom and the sun still soft. If you're staying at Cap Esterel, ask the center for directions to the footpaths (many of them!) that lead to the Ferrières menhir. Or drop us a line for details.


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