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Literary strolls in the Var


While sifting through a pile of books at the counter of my local bookstore, I came upon the above title yesterday: "Literary walks in the Var". It's an interesting read if you're curious about the French Riviera, the western side of it, from a literary point of vue.

If you're curious about the many writers who lived in the Var over the years, you'll enjoy this book. It isn't a hiking guide by any means. It's a stroll through the lives of a few well-known authors (mostly of the 20th Century) who lived in the Var department of France: Alphonse Karr, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Colette, Fitzgerald, and many more.

Author Martine Sagaert offers insights into the lives of these writers, including snippets from their correspondences, quotes from admirers and information about where they wrote. Martine is a literature professor at the Université du Sud Toulon Var and specializes in 20th century French lit.

In French only at this time.