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Eurofestival rolls into Port-Grimaud

Starting tomorrow, Thursday May 6th 2010, and running for four days, thousands of Harley Davidsons will roar on down the coastal road by Sainte-Maxime and Grimaud in South-Eastern France to gather at Port-Grimaud's Prairie de la Mer campground.

Why? It's the famous annual HOG (Harley Owners Group) Eurofest meeting.

Every night from around 9PM, the Port-Grimaud "rock beach" will feature a rock'n roll band to dance the night away. Some of the bands planned: The Road Kings and Katy Shotter on Thursday, May 6; Johnny Gallagher and Mods Band on Friday, May 7; 4 Bills and a Ben and Gotthard on Saturday.
Tickets aren't cheap; they're 50€ for HOG members and 70€ for non-members for the three days

Club_Canopy Favorite hang-out? The restaurant "Le Sun" at Prairie de la Mer (phone: 04 94 56 24 53), and the discotheque "Canopy" (Phone: 06 01 05 16 77) that are also sure to fill up with party goers.

Other than rock-and-roll, the French Riviera village of Grimaud hosts a "Custom Bike Show" that starts at 1PM on Friday, May 7.

And the whole event culminates on Sunday morning with a parade of Harleys riding down the coast in great fanfare. Quite impressive, unless you're driving a car.

Which reminds me: by all means, if you're not on a Harley, use your feet or public transport if visiting this weekend. The roads around Sainte-Maxime, Port-Grimaud, Grimaud will be grid-locked all weekend long.


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