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Agay: 21st Triathlon of Saint-Raphael

CoursealamerToday April 25, 2010 runs the 21st triathlon of St Raphael in and around the bay of Agay on the French Riviera.

TriathlonAgay2010The Agay competition hosts a couple of events: the short distance (courte distance) triathlon which counts for qualification of the French championships in this category. Expect all elite triathletes at this event. It starts at 9:30AM.

What's the parcourse?

  • 1500 meters swim in the bay of Agay (max time is 50 minutes)
  • 43 km bike in the Esterel
  • 10K run

The second individual sprint triathlon begins at 3PM and includes:

  • 750 meters swim in the bay of Agay (max time is 25 minutes)
  • 18 km bike in the Esterel
  • 5K run

It's a gorgeous sunny day in Agay today so if you're around, drop by. By all means, don't go near by car or risk being blocked. The event awaits 500 contestants, 200 volunteers and mounts of spectators.

For more info, visit the St Raphael Triathlon home page.


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