Tour de France 2010: Not South Enough
St Tropez in Winter

Walk on Water in Southern France

FamilyHike On a cold humid day stuck inside on the Côte d'Azur, hiker friends were recently day-dreaming aloud: wouldn't it be fun to invent a new walk-related sport that we could practice in any sort of weather?

Sure, snow shoeing is fun in Winter, but you have to drive up to Audibergue or Gréolières or Auron or further and only when snow is around.

Looks like the state of Assam in southern India took us up on this :) They're promoting the sport of water walking, where you walk inside a thermoplastic bubble ball that floats on water. Sort of like a hamster's wheel, except that it's a clear ball and it sits on water. The frantic running gives you quite a work-out: the claim is that 5 minutes inside a water ball is equivalent to 20 mins on a treadmill, and lots more laughs.

To get a better idea, watch this YouTube Video:

How about bouncing a few balls over to Southern France?

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