Les Voiles de St Tropez 2008
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Voiles de St Tropez 2008: Traditional Yachts

Voiles de St Tropez, Oct 2008 The sun was out this Wednesday, October 1 2008 in the bay of St Tropez and the wind a gentle and finicky breeze that changed course just to tease the old time classic yachts of the Voiles de St Tropez and their crew.

Light capricious winds didn't bode well for the larger classic yachts. Still, the first two yachts racing in the schooner category at the Voiles de St Tropez swung around the Lion de Mer island too fast for me to drop everything at the office, rush to the port and snap a photo.

Voiles de St Tropez, Oct 2008 In the Schooner category, Mariquita finished ahead of Lulworth, Moonbeam III, Moonbeam IV and Thendara along the 22 miles of regatta from St Tropez, along the bay by Ste Maxime to St Raphael and back.

From the port of St Raphael, I watched Mariette, Moonbeam IV, Mariquita, Thendara, White Wings (a "spirit of tradition" yacht), Moonbeam III, Tuiga and Sylvia glide into the bay, tack and change course back to St Tropez. I've brought you back a few slides.

Enjoy the slide show. The race was a dizzying dance on the water.

Today, Wednesday October 2, 2008, the Mistral wind is howling. Our St Tropez intrepid sailors head south-west of St Tropez to the Golfe of Cavalaire where spectators are sure to have a ball.

Me? I'm glued to my desk chair, supposedly working on the next book, listening to the mad whistles of the wind, imagining the waves slapping those wooden decks...

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