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The Maures Mountains: Singular and Plural

The Maures Mountains

The news came this morning: French photographer Jean-Marc Fichaux died in a moped accident Saturday, October 18, 2008.

Jean-Marc Fichaux lived in St Tropez, a city he cherished and often photographed from all sorts of revealing angles.

Together with Pierre Nembrini, Jean-Marc authored a grasping photography book about the Maures Mountains: "Les Massif des Maures, pluriel et singulier."

The Maures Mountains embrace the peninsula of St Tropez yet remain mysterious and mostly unknown. Their colors run deep with the browns of tormented chestnut tree and cork oak trunks, with the silvers of an impenetrable maquis brush and the shadows of crevasses that slice the mountains.

The Maures Mountains live in a world far from the buzz of the nearby St Trop bay. This artistic photo album manages to catch the wild spirit of the mountains. It also catches a ray of the artist's soul.

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