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Voiles de St Tropez 2008: Traditional Yachts

Les Voiles de St Tropez 2008

Azuralive_voiles2008 Sunday, September 28, 2008: First day of the Voiles de St Tropez 2008!

It was off to a good start: it only took us 45 minutes to drive from Ste Maxime to St Tropez. On a Voiles de St Tropez morning (11:30AM), that's darn fast!

As usual for this race and show, gorgeous yachts lined up the quarry, all spiffed and shiny and ready for cameras. Azuralive_voiles2008_y3k

The day was overcast, but sun rays pierced through the metallic clouds to shine on the sails in the bay. And there were many. Over 300 boats are expected for the Voiles de Saint-Tropez 2008, with 4000 sailors to crew them. Along the quays and the cobbled streets of St Tropez estimates are counting on some 20,000 spectators for the event.

Azuralive: Senso One in St Tropez We watched in awe the 140 feet (42 meters) schooner Senso One glide on the water at impressive speeds. With its two 45-meter masts and its sleek long hull, it dwarfed all other boats around it then. Despite its gigantic proportions, Senso One only weighs 50 tons thanks to its light-weight carbon fiber hull and stripped insides.

Around 3PM, the whistle blew to announce the first boat to sail in from Cannes from the Coupe d'Automne Yacht Club de France cup.AzurAlive: Shamrock V, winner of the 2008 Coupe d'Automne of the YCF

J Class sloop Shamrock V won the Coupe d'Automne 2008 today. Honestly, you're there for the fantastic show of new and old sails, elegance, technology. The St Tropez regatta is to be missed if you're anywhere near.

For details on the program that lasts until Ocotber 5, 2008, check out the organizer's web site:

We'll be posting more pics as the Voiles days sail on by... check back with us throughout the week.

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