Hiking around Nice: Mont Vinaigrier
The French Côte d’Azur's best-kept secret

Hiking by Nice: Le Parc de la Grande Corniche

Hiking at Parc de la Grande Corniche

Looking for a stroll in nature on the Côte d'Azur, with waves of mountains (the Mercantour, the pre-Alps and Alps) to the North and the coastline from San Remo to St Tropez to the South and West? Here's a good choice: Le Parc de la Grande Corniche.

With its 660 hectares of protected land, the park sits on a mountain top beyond Nice, a couple of miles from La Turbie. The park's nature guide (Marie) claims that on a clear, very clear day, you can see Corsica like a bump in the seaside horizon.
Hiking at Parc de la Grande Corniche
What you will definitely see on a clear day are hills and mountains bouncing against the horizon, the city of Nice, its airport and barren landing strips poking into the sea, the Estérel way West. You'll hike among varied vegetation (450 species grow here). Though you're unlikely to see them, rabbits, foxes,  wild boars and owls often visit as well. You'll meet joggers, a few happy strollers walking their dogs and a handful of hikers enjoying the sites. Bring a picnic - wooden tables are plentiful.

The Parc offer three main hiking areas: Plateau de la Justice, Le Revère and La Forna.

Try the following 1 hour walk: Park at the Parking du Mont Fourche and loop around the Plateau de la Justice.

Hiking at Parc de la Grande Corniche - Fort de la Drete

Getting there:
From the A8 highway from Nice, exit at La Turbie and continue towards La Turbie. Take the Grande Corniche road (D2564) to the Col d'Eze and make a right on the route de la Justice, by the Hermitage du Col d'Eze 3-starred hotel.
Or take the Grande Corniche road all the way to the Col d'Eze.

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