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Best Beach: Plage de Cabasson


Plage de Cabasson et Brégançon

In the commune of Bormes-les-Mimosas, not too far from La Londe-les-Maures, behind vineyards of Cote de Provence, you can visit two beaches for the price of a single parking ticket.

To the north-west, the Plage de Cabasson offers a wide and almost wild expanse of fine sand, a beach security post, a summer-time beach bar and yellow buoys to demarcate the swimming area from the security boat channel. Here, kids of all ages build sand castles, jump in waves, and body surf. While the shore is gorgeous, the sea is often rougher here due to open exposure to wind. Folks with hiking shoes and light packs on their backs cross the beach and hop up the rocks on the Sentier Littoral hiking path. The beach of Cabasson brims with life.

Azuralive_fortbreganconTo the south-east, the pebble Plage de Brégançon beach pulls you into the serious realm of politics. Here, you might spot Nicolas Sarkozy swimming around the austere looking rocky island of Bregançon and its fort, or jogging by vineyards. Fewer beach balls bounce around. A helicopter might swerve in out of nowhere for a closer look at the fort. You feel the gaze of secret security eyes pore over you as you swim close to the buoys that encircle the fort.

The Pointe du Diable or Devil's Point separates the two beaches.

We voted Plage de Cabasson as a Best Beach winner.


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