Hike: Col du Bougnon

A Day In: Les Salins des Pesquiers

SouthsidepesquiersBetween the two arms of sand that form the Giens Peninsula tombolo by the city of Hyeres, as many of 600 pink flamingos (Phoenicopterus roseus) stroll across the shallow waters of the Pesquiers wetlands. Groups of them poke their heads under water, their long necks dangling like noodles over the pond. The birds stamp the mud with their webbed feet and stir the thick brown soupy waters.  With their bills, they filter the water to feed on seeds, larvae, algae and little fish.  Behind the flamingos, above a drape of low-lying reeds, a tiny Zitting Cisticola bird (Cisticola juncidis) tweets.

On a guided visit of the Salt Marshes of Pesquiers, you might well observe pink flamingos, but also black-winged stilts, couples of red-billed common shelducks, grey herons, egrets or any of the 200 different species of birds that have been spotted here.

Note that to keep the site as wild and undisturbed as possible, only guided visits are allowed at the Salins des Pesquiers.  The LPO (the League pour la Protection des Oiseaux) organizes regular bird-watching tours. Contact them at Tél. : 04 94 57 01 98

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