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A Day in: Le Val


What I like in Le Val are the sounds, soft and muffled, as if the village moved under a cotton cloud.

Like in many local villages, fountains gargle at street corners.  In Le Val, you can hear them. 

Kids ruffle around on the side of the street with a soccer ball.  There are no screams.  The TV murmurs from the front door of an old stone home.  The wings of pigeons flock as you approach one of the town square at Place Gambetta.

You might consider it modesty. 

Le Val is a trove of historical gems.  The "tour de l'horloge" and the "passage de la dime" date back to the 12th century and are the remaining rampart doors of the ancient fortified city.  The Notre Dame de l'Assomption chuch sits in the center of town. Consecrated in 1068         A.D.,  its 18th century frescoes uplift the church's interior with gold and blues.

Begin your tour next to the Lafitau boulangerie on Place Gambetta.  Walk in Rue de Montmajour and reach the side of the Church.  Meander by the Rue du Prieure to discover the 12th Century Passage de la Dime (Oustaou de la Dimo) .   The Tourism Office is by your side, next to the main entrance to the church.  Behind it, the Musee des Santons displays its colorful collection of provencal santons and further down Rue Niel, the Musee de la Route Medievale.  Head down towards the town's other main square, the Place Louis Fournier to sip on a drink.  By the Place des Moulins, an old olive oil mill exhibits local art.  Visit the Maison de l'Olivier next to it to learn all about olives. 

To wrap up the day in nature, meander through the city's edible Jardin Public des Gorguettes garden and its pear, cherry, peach, quince and fig trees.   

Slow Stats:  

  • It tooks us a half-day to stroll though Le Val
  • We walked a grand a grand total of 0.6084 miles or 0.9791 kms. 
  • Stroll includes time for munching flour-dusted artisan bread, tasting Curry Chicken, dribbling into 11th century century nooks.   
  • Here is the Road we followed 


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